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Which Danny Phantom Character are you? A DP stamping community

Which Danny Phantom Character are you?
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Welcome to DP Stamping! A Danny Phantom character stamping community.

Ever wonder which character/s from Danny Phantom you are the most like? Well wonder no more, you've come to the right place! This is the one an only Danny Phantom stamping community on live journal, so tell your friends and get the word out!
So what happens when I get stamped? Well you will get a nifty Banner that you can post wherever you want to display your DP pride! :)

Rules! Please read them! I'll know if you don't! :)

1. Be nice! We are all friends here, so that means no bashing or negative comments. Please be mature and respectful... you wouldn't want someone bashing you would you?
2. Place all new entries under a cut. Big posts are annoying! This helps keep our community easy to navigate!
3. When voting choose a character or two from the list and preferably give a small explanation as to why you chose that character. If you would like to pick a character that isn't on the list that's fine too, just be sure to provide an explanation. Don't worry! If you get stamped as something even if it's not on the list there will be a banner for you! :)
4. When you submit an entry to be stamped please type "I'm Going Ghost" in the title. This ensures that you've read the rules.
5. Please post at least 2 clear pictures of yourself. If you want to dress up use props or whatever that’s fine, as long as their PG. :D
6. You will have 5 days to gather votes... please don't get mad if I'm a day or so late... I'm a busy girl! :) And please vote on people. If you can please vote on 3 people before submitting your profile. I really don't want to stamp anyone with under 7 votes.
7. You have to join the community to be stamped and no anonymous posting please!
8. Have Fun! :) And tell your friends! The more people in the community the better!

although rules are good... I'm not going to be a huge stickler about it. If you forget to do something in your post but you realize you did it, just shoot me an e-mail or comment in one of the Mod posts and I will approve you! I want everyone to be accepted! :)

Here's the survey:

1. Name:
2. Age (13 and up please!):
3. Location:
4. What is the significance of your user name?:
5. List three positive adjectives about yourself:
6. Three negative adjectives:
7. Do you have any hobbies? :
8. What is your dream job? :
9. Do you have any random obsessions besides Danny Phantom? :
10. Do you consider your self to be part of any particular group; Jock, Goth, Band Nerd, etc. (it’s ok I was a band nerd!)? :
11. What drew you into Danny Phantom, and why do you like it? :
12. Who is your favorite character and why? :
13. What was your favorite episode and why? :
14. What are your views on the paranormal? :
15. Do you mind being stamped as a character of the opposite sex? :
16. Any thing else you’d be willing to share with us… it’s ok we’re all friends here!? :
17. Please post some pictures of your self:

So who can I be? :

Danny Fenton
Danny Phantom
Sam Manson
Tucker Foley
Jazz Fenton
Maddie Fenton
Jack Fenton
Dash Baxter
Mr. Lancer
Valerie Gray
Vlad Masters
Vlad Plasmius
Box Ghost
Johnny 13
Dan Phantom (future Danny)
Young Blood
Lunch Lady
Box Lunch
Pariah Dark
Fright Knight

Thank you SO much to the beautiful and wonderfully amazing cheriewolf and souncanadian for the lovley stamps! I am forever in your debt! :)

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All of these communities are great and the maintainers and members are great people if I do say so myself!

Other awesome stamping Communities
If you would like to affiliate drop me a line to let me know!

For other stamping sites you can see the master list at stamping_comms :)