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I'm Goin' Ghost!!! - Which Danny Phantom Character are you? A DP stamping community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Which Danny Phantom Character are you?

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I'm Goin' Ghost!!! [Aug. 2nd, 2006|02:58 pm]
Which Danny Phantom Character are you?



1. Name: Katie Morris
2. Age (13 and up please!): 13
3. Location: Miami
4. What is the significance of your user name?: I love sharks.
5. List three positive adjectives about yourself: Sporty, athletic, something
6. Three negative adjectives: over-loving(it is one!!!), none, none
7. Do you have any hobbies? : yes, soccer
8. What is your dream job? : Actress, computer technician or fashion designer
9. Do you have any random obsessions besides Danny Phantom? : Harry potter and a game called FATE
10. Do you consider your self to be part of any particular group; Jock, Goth, Band Nerd, etc. (it’s ok I was a band nerd!)? : I think I am in a couple. Rocker, Computer Geek and a girl Jock.
11. What drew you into Danny Phantom, and why do you like it? : The ghost stuff because it's kinda cool
12. Who is your favorite character and why? : I have a couple, Danny cuz he is cute, Sam cuz I am like her, Jazz cuz I am like her and Youngblood cuz he is funny.
13. What was your favorite episode and why? : The one with Youngblood cuz I laughed for an hour after the show ended.
14. What are your views on the paranormal? : That ghosts are real
15. Do you mind being stamped as a character of the opposite sex? : I don't care as long as I like the character(Tucker can count becuase he is Danny's best friend).
16. Any thing else you’d be willing to share with us… it’s ok we’re all friends here!? : I love That 70's Show and i have to punky little bros.
17. Please post some pictures of your self: Don't have any but i made dolls.


[User Picture]From: skyechan
2007-04-13 02:58 pm (UTC)
I think Star.
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