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I'm Going Ghost - Which Danny Phantom Character are you? A DP stamping community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Which Danny Phantom Character are you?

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I'm Going Ghost [Jul. 21st, 2006|02:41 pm]
Which Danny Phantom Character are you?


[mood |amusedamused]

1. Name: Natalie
2. Age (13 and up please!): 14
3. Location: California
4. What is the significance of your user name?:
Okay, So, I'm insane. I live next door to you, and you can probably hear me laughing manically or doing something really weird/insane thing. Yep. And NO, I meant 'dor' to be spelled that way. I know how to spell, thank you.
5. List three positive adjectives about yourself:
Funny, different, sarcastic.
6. Three negative adjectives:
Firey temper, short tempered, often pessimistic.
7. Do you have any hobbies? :
Video games, drawing, listening to music, playing guitar.
8. What is your dream job? :
Haha, oddly enough, it's to be a Paranormal Investigator. And no, I didn't say that just for the sake of being rated as one of Danny's parents. I really, really do want to be one.
9. Do you have any random obsessions besides Danny Phantom? :
Legend of Zelda, Music, FMA...Dan Aykroyd and anything to do with Blues Brothers.
10. Do you consider your self to be part of any particular group; Jock, Goth, Band Nerd, etc. (it’s ok I was a band nerd!)? :
Punkish? That's what my friends say..
11. What drew you into Danny Phantom, and why do you like it? :
The ghosts, and it's funny, and the first time i saw it it reminded me of Fairly Odd Parents and it made me want to see more.
12. Who is your favorite character and why? : Tucker. He's just really funny. *shrugs*
13. What was your favorite episode and why? :  T
he one where Danny's being helped by that geek ghost. I'm not really good with names and episode names.
14. What are your views on the paranormal? :
The paranormal exists for sure. Some people just refuse to to see beyond what's right in front of them.
15. Do you mind being stamped as a character of the opposite sex? :
Don't care.
16. Any thing else you’d be willing to share with us… it’s ok we’re all friends here!? : 
17. Please post some pictures of your self: 
The computer that had all my pictures and stuff went "KABOOM" so I don't have anything. *shrugs* I guess I'll just describe myself.
Tan skin, goldish eyes, dark brown hair with sideswept bangs...*thumbs up* that's it.

From: creeing
2006-07-22 01:31 am (UTC)
Hmm.... You seem like Valerie to me, un. ^_^ Nice avvie, by the way.
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[User Picture]From: inari_san
2006-07-23 12:41 pm (UTC)
I think... Sam
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[User Picture]From: happydappydrunk
2006-08-10 12:00 am (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: camatie
2006-10-31 11:07 pm (UTC)
I'm gonna have to say Sam. ^_^
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From: happinessisbway
2006-12-22 02:11 am (UTC)
Sam :)
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[User Picture]From: butterflygirl_3
2007-03-22 11:41 am (UTC)
Not Sam.. Someone more... hyper... :D
Yep. I See Dani. I may be the only one, but I do.
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[User Picture]From: austere_flare
2007-08-15 02:36 am (UTC)
I have to agree with the Sam votes.
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